Sign Stitching Machine

  • A Fast, New Way to Manufacture Channel Letters: Our Sign Stitcher gives the edge to anyone in the sign industry by allowing them to staple the back of channel letters to the front part in 1-2 minutes. Which means no drilling, welding, crimping or bolts and screws. Save time and labor cost with a machine that’s five times faster than using screws or rivets. Stitch any type or combination material; plastic, metal, rubber without predrilling using available stainless steel or galvanized steel wire.
  • Specifications: Our sign machines 13” throat accommodates stitching up to 26” letters and our 26” throat up to 52” letters. Our machine uses 18 gauge (.0475) stainless steel or galvanized wire in 10# or 25# coils. Adequate space for all depths of letters; 1-3/8 clearance between clincher & head. A safe and comfortable work height; from floor to top of post is 46-1/2” Letters up to 18” deep can be stitched without any adjustments. 18” depth from clincher (anvil) top to support cross bar. Minimal floor space; a quarter of the space required by other fastening equipment. 24” x 41”. Standard electrical – 110/115 volts – ½ HP.

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