Welcome to the Ideal Stitching & Wire Company (formally Ideal Stitcher Company), a division of W.R. Pabich Manufacturing Company was started in 1933 by Walter R. Pabich. Mr. Pabich was a pioneer in the field of stitchers, with twenty-one years of prior experience before starting his own company. The wire stitcher has remained indispensible in the packaging industry. Today, the Ideal Stitcher Company is still family owned and operated.

Ideal Stitching & Wire Company has earned the reputation of being a leader in the industry by continuing to develop new solutions and improving on current ones as new challenges and applications are presented by our customers. Our company has the expertise and ability to design a wire stitcher that specifically meets the unique requirements of each customer.

We strive to meet the expectations of our customers every day by providing a high performance machine, superior customer service, new product development, and enhancements on current models. Our precision manufacturing of both stitching machines and replacement parts is what our customers have learned to know and expect.

Let us be your partner to improve the quality and durability of your packaging equipment.

Meet Our Ideal Team