Shipping fish requires that you have a plan in place to make sure all the catches of the day are secured and shipped with little to no hassle. Fisheries use wax boxes to make sure that all the moisture on the fish doesn’t damage the packing used to transport them from one place to another. But, having a way to seal wax boxes is another problem altogether.

How do you make sure that fish are safe and secure in my wax boxes and don’t fly everywhere and ruin things?

Using tape is concerning because while the wax box won’t be affected by the moisture the tape might and will only secure the box for so long until it peels away. You could use glue but getting them wet could also create a problem because the moisture may weaken the bonds of the adhesive. So why not use staples to secure all your wax packaging, when a strong steel staple gets wet it doesn’t weaken or a break. It stays strong in place making sure that all the fish you have is nice and secure. Making the box stitcher machine the proven solution to aid in all your packaging needs. And when you use the Ideal box stitcher you will wonder how you got along without it and realize that the ideal seal is steel!