Why choose us…well your boxes will never look like this!

The great thing about the steel staples that are made from using our box stitching machine is that it’s a very economical way to preserve and save resources. With tape, you don’t exactly know how much you need in order for your package to be secure. To much tape and your package is a pain in the neck to open and you run out of that role of tape faster. To little tape and your package may not be secure enough and you risk damage to whatever your shipping.

Not with an ideal box stitcher, a few good stitches, and we mean a few, in the right places and your package is secure from danger. It takes the guesswork out of how much you need in order for your package to be secure and you preserve resources and won’t go through a whole roll of steel wire like you would an entire roll of tape.

The same thing with glue, you really don’t know how much glue will be needed to secure a box. To little glue and the adhesive isn’t strong enough to hold itself together, to much glue and you could be making a mess everywhere and where is the appeal in that. With a box stitcher again there is no risk that steel staples won’t have the strength to get the job done and the operation is mess free. So, during your next packaging operation ask yourself, wouldn’t the ideal seal be steel!