We all know that the safety of products being shipped is important. We also know that things can happen in transit and when they arrive at their destination, we find out the packaging wasn’t as securely sealed as we thought. Tape and glue are not reliable at times for many various circumstances. The tape could start to peel off or maybe there wasn’t enough tape on the package, to begin with. Or the glue that you used was bad and the adhesiveness of it is now poor that it can’t stay together in transit. And the ability of whatever you use to seal your shipment very important. That’s why if a truck carrying crates and boxes of wine and sprites is speeding down the street you want to make sure that those boxes and crates are secure. And the best and only way to make sure they are is to seal them with steel. And our Ideal Stitcher machines do that. They make sure your boxes and crates are sealed with the strongest and very best steel staples around. Protecting any precious shipment from any unforeseen disasters during transit.  It’s obviously not enough that your shipment arrives at their destination on time, they must arrive there sealed and secure, even from drivers going 60 down a road with fragile shipment behind him. Whatever the reason, just know that the ideal seal is steel