Arm Metal Stitcher

Arm Metal Stitcher


Box size is necessary in determining what throat size is needed. Please contact us for assistance in determining what machine size you may need.


All parts are manufactured to rigid specifications for smoothest possible operation, long product life, and perfect interchangeability of replacement parts. Many parts can be reversed to double the service life. Quiet operation. Low maintenance. No special skills required. Quality of joints are not dependent on operators proficiency. 31,000 stitches per 10 lb. coil. Speeds of up to 310 per minute.

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Machine Models:

Machine Manual Description Crated Weight
Standard 3/8″ Crown Machine, 1csa8 Round Wire, 10/25-LB Coil Holder
S-8-AW BH series head  8″ Throat 700 LBS
S-13-AW BH series head  & S13 and S25 frame 13″ Throat 800 LBS
S-25-AW BH series head  & S13 and S25 frame 25″ Throat 1000 LBS

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