The continued growth of E-commerce is driving the corrugated box industry. With more and more people buying products online that means more and more boxes will have to be made and eventually be used. Online relators know this and to thrive with the corrugated box industry they only want the best and most secure method to ship products. As product safety is crucial for online retailers, they prefer corrugated boxes which have proved to be an effective transit packaging material. And with online retailors putting their trust in the corrugated box industry the box industry must put its trust in a solution to make sure that their boxes are properly sealed. That’s where we come in, we manufacture a machine that will give you the most effective way to seal packages that is better than Glue or Tape: Steel! Our Arm Box Stitcher and Post Stitcher produce steel staples that secure boxes and keep them together with a strong steel grip. Glue and Tape can fail easily especially if exposed to certain elements. However, whether it be rain or snow, the steel staples produced from these machines will not give up. Glue can weaken over time and tape can lose its adhesiveness, but steel staples can last for a long time. Let us help you benefit more from the growth of E-commerce that’s driving the corrugated box industry by providing you with the ideal seal, Steel!