Are you having trouble with putting together your channel letters that are made from Dibond?

Do the screws and rivets keep popping out, causing damage to your letters, making you pay an arm and a leg to fix?

Here at Ideal Stitcher, we have the proven solution to your dibond problem. We all know that the thickness from dibond, it being two .012” thick sheets of aluminum sandwiching a plastic polyethylene core, make it difficult to bore holes in through dibond made channel letters. To screw or rivet together regular aluminum channel letters is already hard, and you don’t need it to be made harder.

Finding a solution is a hard task to tackle, but it’s one that we can make solve. Here at Ideal Stitcher, we have a machine that takes the difficulty out of making channel letters out of dibond. Our Sign Stitcher machine goes through dibond as if it were any standard aluminum material, planting a strong staple through both the plastic core and aluminum sheets with ease. No more struggling and wasting time with riveting together your signs. When you use our sign stitcher machine to get the best results you’ll realize that the ideal seal is steel!