Like any machine you’re going to run into some problems. With the Ideal Box Stitching machine, you’re not going to run into a lot of problems but if you do the problems most likely comes from the wire guide. The wire guide itself is a delicate piece of machinery and if you’re not careful instead of wire being fed through the guide, you’ll have chips of the wire flying out. So how do you avoid having problems with the wire guide? Well, one thing most of our customers do when they get the machine is, they will accidently pull on the wire guide or bump on it and that can move it out of alignment. So, what you want to do is make sure that the wire guide isn’t being accidently moved by being pulled or bumped up against as you want it aligned with the first groove after it’s fed through the guide. A way to make sure that the first groove and the guide are aligned is to take a small mirror, place it under the groove and try manually feeding the wire through to make sure the wire tracks through the guide and the grove perfectly. Once it gets past the first groove, you shouldn’t have trouble with the second one and you’re already to go with your stitching operations. But remember when you get the machine make sure that you are not bumping or pulling on the guide because it’ll be 99% percent of your problems. Avoid doing that and you won’t even have 1.