Blog page dedicated to exploring the different uses and benefits of buying and using a machine made right here in America by the Ideal Stitcher Company, established in 1933.

What Can an Ideal Stitcher Machine Do for You-Part 1

Have you asked yourself, “what exactly can an Ideal Stitcher machine do for my business?” If so, let me take a moment to shed some light. Ideal Stitcher Company was founded in 1934, right here in the good ‘ol USA! Besides knowing you have purchased from an American institution that manufactures their machines in Chicago, IL, helping to keep jobs and money right here in the states, Ideal Stitcher Co also stands by their machines and their quality work. Ok, so what can the machines do? I will start with the Post Wire Stitcher. This machine is so versatile in its final outcome of applications. It seals cardboard boxes with clean and efficient wire. The box seal is very strong and seals for shipping such heavy items as cases of beer, wine and liquor, heavily packed trays of fresh caught seafood to be packed with ice and be shipped thousands of miles at a time and of course heavy appliances packed in very thick,corrugated cardboard. Below is a youtube video showcasing the Post Wire Stitcher in action, showing how easy and quick it is to use and how it nicely fits on any work floor.

In future posts, I will feature the different machines and their uses. Ideal Stitcher Company, a unique American legacy in industry. Contact us to discuss how an Ideal Stitcher machine can further enhance your business.

Required 2/17/17

Box Stitching in an Orchard

Have you ever wondered how those juicy peaches or crisp pole beans made it to your local farmers market in one piece? Well, there is a good chance that the woven basket that was used to hold those fruit and veggies, freshly picked in the Orchard, was sealed with metal wire stitching using an Ideal Stitcher post wire stitcher. What would be the point of buying organic food when the process of collecting and shipping involved chemicals used in a synthetic and chemical based sealant? Sealing containers with an Ideal Stitcher machine not only saves time and money, but also helps reduce our carbon footprint. So next time you are at a fruit stand, and you notice the baskets sealed with metal wire stitching, buy that piece of fruit and you will find it’s just a little sweeter knowing how it was brought to you cleaner and greener.  2/8/17

Industry in Everyday Life

It’s such a treat to see a product made by a Metal Sign Stitcher when you are just running into the store for some DIY items. So much of our everyday life is made possible by the hardworking Metal fabricators, Steel Workers and Industrial America, such as the hardworking people at Ideal Stitcher Company. Metal Channel signs and illuminated metal signs are just a couple of items that are sealed and produced by a S-25-SAW Metal Sign Stitcher.