Ideal Stitcher Company, a division of W.R. Pabich Manufacturing Company

Ideal Stitcher Company has earned the reputation of being a leader in the industry by continuing to develop new solutions and improving on current ones as new challenges and applications are presented by our customers. Our company has the expertise and ability to design a wire stitcher that specifically meets the unique requirements of each customer.



Ideal Stitching is a World Class USA made Stitching Machines. We manufacture Stitching Machines that support Industrial Metals, Industrial Fabrics, Cardboards, Air Filters Industrial as well as Commercial, and Industrial Plastics. Our machines require less maintenance and we guarantee our machine for customer satisfaction.



Ideal Stitching Company keep all the parts in stock for their product line 24/7.



We stock only Premium Stitching wires. Our wires are precision made, consistently wound coils, reduces downtime, increase efficiency, and guarantee competitive pricing. Our round stitching wires finishes includes: Electro Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Tinned, Copper.



Customer Service is our strategic mission. We work hard to provide only high quality service, we believe in, a) Don’t Make Your Customers Wait, b) Transaction Transparency, c) Help Them Help You; d)Build Trust and They Will Come (Back).